Who we are & how we work

We have great experience in organizing on-line payments acceptance for file sharing, video hosting and IPTV industries. We primarily focus on payments with VISA and MasterCard including recurring billing also known as subscriptions or rebills.

Some of our rules:

  • No forbidden content, no legal content which looks or is advertised as forbidden content - you should actively fight it and have no such files.
  • Of course quick replies and actions as per DMCA notifications. Hopefully you already do that.
  • You should have at the very very least EUR 100 in successful transactions per week to keep your account active.

Some of our basic work principles:

  • We have great experience in this industry and we know that issues happen to everybody. We know that our acquirers will not work with us forever and at some point we might loose money on this, so we make sure to pay you your money regardless of what happened to our relationships with our acquirers - of course, if it's not your fault ;)
  • We understand the nature of this business and require only a little bit of paperwork.
  • We don't require any rolling reserve.
  • Your money is quickly available to you - on third business day. For example, if you had successful transactions on Monday we already are able to send you the money for them on Wednesday.
  • We do payouts when you require it, even daily.
  • Payouts are available as wire transfers, WMZ and bitcoin.
  • Our commissions are in general close to what is usually paid to best resellers.

Interested? Contact us for more details!